Treatment :

The treatment aims at making the patient admit and accept her powerless ness over Alcohol / Drugs which gradually over a period of time develops into confidence to stay away from mood altering substances.


With regular counselling sessions, meditation, yoga, games, in-house sharing ate, brings in a path towards staying sober.

Family therapy

Family plays a major role in any therapy as the disease of co-dependency exists. Regular interaction by our experts with the family and patients leads to a step forward towards the goal.

Best Environment

We provide a home - like environment with many features to make comfortable & a good and peaceful stay in the centre. There are special, semi - special, normal wards for the patient's beneficiary.

Individual Counselling

There are individual sessions for each patient that are carried by reputed doctors and masters in the psychiatric, psychological and physician field.

Group Counselling

It supplements and adds up to the individual counselling sessions. They provide an opportunity to study and learn the doing and don't of the live stories. It helps in expressing emotions openly and build trust. You get to talk to other person about the history and process of treatment they undergo too.


We also allot the slots in the daily schedule for entertainment purpose where the patients are allow to play games, puzzles, TV etc. and create healthy mental health.

The daily schedule has a fixed time table from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm which includes yoga, meditations, sessions, 12 step sessions, counselling etc.